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You can own pretty much as much offshore exposure as you like these days without having to use any exchange control allowances. There are an increasing number of unit trusts or exchange traded funds which will give you exposure to any number of geographies or themes (tech/healthcare/ESG) without you physically sending your money overseas.

But there are still reasons why you would potentially want to take your money directly offshore.

Reasons to invest directly offshore from South Africa:

  • You can separate decisions between the currency and the underlying investments you own (asset allocation).
  • You can separate the sources of returns between the currency and the underlying assets. (tax efficiency).
  • Your assets are physically offshore and less exposed to any potential changes in legislation or political risk.
  • The variety of opportunities are broader than the offshore options in SA.
  • You can invest for specific future costs or events you expect to have in another country. (Liability matching – like tertiary education at a UK university for example)
  • It can be cheaper to buy exposure to the same markets on an offshore platform.

Invest for the right reasons – not out of fear.

I am not an advocate of knee-jerk reactions when it comes to investment planning. I certainly don’t want to promote a service using fear tactics. However, I am aware that many South African citizens feel very uncertain about our beautiful country’s  future and this is a service which can help mitigate some of the risks and give you peace of mind when done well. 

White Investments manages direct offshore accounts

I am a registered partner with a top offshore platform that gives you access to global markets in multiple currencies and securities. I worked in the UK asset management industry for 9 years and have managed offshore investment solutions since the inception of my current business. 

If you have any questions around how I can help you set up a portfolio offshore please get hold of me here.

*Terms & Conditions apply.


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