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The cult of the imperfect is the acceptance that good enough, something that gets the job done, is a far better than waiting to get things perfectly right.

The idea is attributed to Robert Alexander Watson-Watt, who pioneered the development of the early radar. His system was instrumental in detecting airplanes ahead of time and contributed to the Royal Air Force’s 1940 victory at the Battle of Britain.

When justifying his choice of a non-optimal frequency for his radar, he apparently said “Give them (the military) the third-best option to go on with; the second-best comes too late, [and] the best never comes”.

In other words, giving the air force a radar system which, while not perfect, enabled them to scramble fighters to intercept German bombers, helped win the aerial war over UK soil in WWII.

At White Investments we create solutions designed to help individuals have peace of mind and confidence that everything will be okay.

We know through experience that we will get things wrong and will need to adjust. We know that waiting for the perfect time, the perfect solution or the perfect investment just leads to procrastination.

We know that perfect does not exist – but we give our clients the best chance of getting the job done!

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The best way to get something done is to begin…

If procrastination is the thief of time, and time is one of the biggest advantages you have when investing, what are you waiting for?