Need help in your financial life?

Anxiety around big life events or transitions is one of the main reasons you may look for help in your financial life.

Marriage and divorce. Birth of a child or loss of a loved one. It could be changing jobs, starting a business or choosing to work less.

This service exists to help relieve the pressure of thinking about finances so you can spend your time on things more important to you. 

You will benefit if you value:

  • A professional, yet personalised service with a high level of engagement. 
  • Being intentional about how you use your resources, especially your own time.
  • The option to tackle small tasks or require a comprehensive service across a range of activities.
  • Having flexibility to choose the service you value and how you are charged for it. (DIY investors)
  • Creating a clear path forward that incorporates the potential to deal with unwelcome events. 
  • Being able to receive input, answers and action when you need it most.
  • Your family being looked after and enjoying a consistent high level of support and continuity for as long as they need it.

I can help

How I work with you:

I am a solo-advisor that uses technology, external professional collaborations (where appropriate) and platform or administrative partners to deliver high quality services. 

This is not about selling you a product, it is about providing a service. When done well, this takes time and will involve some investment.(time & financial)

Through a comprehensive solution I am confident that I can deliver financial and emotional returns well in excess of what my service will cost over time. 

Managing your money can not be done effectively without a link to your actual life. Having an exceptional technical ability is a crucial part of the process. But I want to move you beyond spreadsheets and investment returns.

My aim is to co-create a solution that provides you with confidence and reassurance when it matters.

You should find value in the process and know exactly what action needs to be taken. 

My skills, knowledge and experience is covered on my Linked-In profile. However, it all means very little if I don’t use those powers for good. 

I intend to help you achieve your chosen outcomes and expect to be measured on that. 

Find out more about the process we will follow if we work together


I have designed this business to allow you to choose what service you value, how you want it delivered, and consequently how you are charged for it. 

You will pay only for what you value.

Engage with me at an hourly rate when it suits or have me work on an ongoing basis for you. 

The three main service options are:


Option A: 

The ‘Full Service’ charges a once-off upfront fee for a fully comprehensive plan. You will then be charged a monthly fee for ongoing service. This is the perfect option if you want to work with someone how and when you need,.

Option B:

Option B is a fee-based advice service that allows you to break down the comprehensive plan into component parts or as a whole. It will suit you if you want to manage your solution on an ongoing basis yourself . You will pay the hourly rate to engage and get input when you choose in future.  An indication of the time and therefore the cost is given in our fee disclosure below. 

Option C:

The ‘Consultation at the hourly rate’ service  by definition does not include any analysis, planning or advice. It is an opportunity to access my experience & knowledge as a sounding board or to get any specific questions answered from a factual perspective. 

I don’t aim to be the cheapest but I do aim to be at the top of the pile when it comes to value for what you receive in return.

 See 2024 Fee Disclosure


I am officially licensed to provide the financial services that I offer. You can confirm this by contacting the FSCA and checking the authorisation status of Financial Service Provider (FSP) 43618.

You can also review my required Disclosure Notice which is the regulators way of making sure I tell you all the relevant ‘hard facts’ about the business.

It will unfortunately not tell you whether I am authentic, offer a great service, genuinely have your best interests at heart or are any good at what I say I am.

For that you should probably have a chat with me to ask any burning questions or simply find out if what I do will
work for you. No charge. No obligation.

The best way to get something done is to begin…

If procrastination is the thief of time, and time is one of the biggest advantages you have when investing, what are you waiting for?