Why use the robo-advisor service?

  • When you are starting your investment journey, your requirements are usually pretty simple and straight forward.
  • Long-term investment goals or objectives require little complex ongoing input.
  • A lower fee structure will allow you to accumulate and build your wealth more quickly.
  • You can access a well diversified, balanced portfolio, managed at a fraction of the cost of a full service human advisor.
  • Why pay high ongoing fees when your strategy barely changes over the medium to long-term.
  • You can always upgrade your service as and when your needs change and you require more complex solutions.

Pro’s & Con’s of Robo-advisors

We urge you to read our write-up which delves into the pros and cons of a robo-advisor. Includes loads of good additional linked content to brush up on your knowledge too…

Why combine with White Investments?

  • Robo-advisors need accurate inputs to make your strategy useful – Rubbish in means rubbish out.
  • Robo-advisors will not adjust your strategy automatically when your needs or requirements change or be able to help you understand how changes impact on your planning process.
  • The role of a good investment advisor is not to try and choose the best performing funds or products. Their role is to understand your needs and match those to funds or products that will work accurately towards genuinely achieving your goals.
  • Robo-advisors will not be there to help you manage your behavioural risks when markets react outside of your expectations. 
  • You cannot pick up the phone and speak with a robo-advisor to understand your portfolio.

Let’s change the ending…

You may not have the power to change where you are but you can change where you are going.