White Investments is a business which exists to help you manage your money in a way that connects you with what is important to you in life. This could be to accumulate R50 million bucks or simply to sleep better at night and lessen your anxiety around the subject of money.  

We focus on the things that, we have learned though experience, will have the biggest positive impact on the success of your plan and objectives. We deliver results through accurate and targeted investment solutions, delivered in the most cost-efficient manner, with the greatest degree of certainty that we can.

Basically this means keeping things as simple as possible, and making sure that each thing we do adds value to your end result.

We could bang on about having the right skills, knowledge and decades of experience, but Linked-In already has
that covered, and to be fair it all means very little if we don’t use those powers for good – In other words we intend to help you achieve your goals and expect to be measured on that. 

We are obliged to mention that we are officially licensed to provide the financial services that we offer, and you
can check up on this by contacting the FSCA and seeking out the authorisation status of Financial Service Provider (FSP) 43618.

You can also review our required Disclosure Notice which is our regulators way of making sure we tell you all the relevant ‘hard facts’ about the business. It will unfortunately not tell you whether we are authentic, offer a good service, genuinely have your best interests at heart or are any good at what we say we are.

For that you should probably have a chat with us to ask any burning questions or simply find out if what we do will
work for you.

The proof is in the pudding, and your plan’s structure, fees and focus ultimately reveal how well looked after you are and ensure you are financially better off at the end of the day.


Our Pricing

Full disclosure up front – we get real job satisfaction from genuinely helping people reach their goals, but we do actually charge real money for this service. In fact we use money for the same things you do and would like to be able to feed and educate our families, have a place to live, work towards financial freedom and achieve some of our own dreams and aspirations in life’s journey.

The good news is we are set up to let you choose what service you value, how you want it delivered and consequently how you are charged for it.

You will pay only for what you value.

You can engage with us at an hourly rate when it suits or have us work on an ongoing basis for you. We will even help you use the services of a robo-advsior if that sounds like it’s the way you need to go.

All fees are transparent and agreed upfront. Typically, the less comprehensive and complex your needs the lower your fees.

We know that the better we do for you, the longer our relationship will thrive and hopefully the more people you will tell about how good we are, how we genuinely care and add value.

Hopefully we are not the cheapest, but we do aim to be at the top of the pile when it comes to value for what you receive in return.

Your future becomes your present…

A plan is simply a way to bring your future into the present so you can do something about it.