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None of us enjoy doing admin. So most of us never get around to doing much of it. But there is a lot of information that will help your loved ones if anything were ever to happen to you.

If you find it hard to keep all your relevant stuff together, can you imagine what a nightmare it becomes for someone who knows even less about your affairs than you do. 

To encourage and help with the dreaded admin we have created a guide. It will help you to create and maintain a file containing all the critical information.

We have called it your “BECAUSE I CARE” document.

Take a look at the information you need to gather and update, including documents, contacts, accounts and so on.

If you think it is useful, feel free to share it far and wide because chances are you’ll be helping someone else too.  


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The best way to get something done is to begin…

If procrastination is the thief of time, and time is one of the biggest advantages you have when investing, what are you waiting for?