Finding your money management inner peace is tricky at the best of times. Feeling good about your finances in this new pandemic induced bamboozlement is just that much harder.

If you want to get your existing finances in order this workshop is for you.

You will get insight into the main factors that determine the success of your solution. You will learn to take that knowledge and convert it into action. Afterall it is the action part which leads to results.

Getting your basics right is half the battle won!

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Inner peace


I regularly come into contact with individuals who have a very negative perception of investing. Basically it is just a waste of time.

Many of these individuals can support this thesis with strong evidence and examples of poor outcomes. The culprits are numerous and variable – Poor products, high fees, bad advice, poor behavioural traits, unrealistic expectations and poor financial literacy all contribute to negative experiences when it comes to investing.

What I find sad about it is that investing is actually all about creating better outcomes for your future self. The main concepts around successfully creating wealth over the long-term are actually incredibly simple.

If you have been let down by an industry which is rife with poor products and service it is beholden on you to identify where and why you have gone wrong and to correct it. If you abandon investing all together the only victim is the future you.

So I implore you not to give up on investing. Recruit your ‘money employees’ to work for your future…

They never take sick days.
They don’t even take leave.
They are willing to work around the clock.
They work long after you retire.
They don’t jump ship for a better offer.
You just need to deploy them properly and they will loyally serve you.

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It is not the drill that we want but the hole.

It is not the investment itself that has value, but rather what that investment allows or achieves which is most valuable.