Granted it does not fit well with a big corporate identity in the financial services industry. We did not pay millions to brand consultants for this honest depiction of how the financial services industry would be better placed to serve their clients.

But that’s the point, we are not a big corporate, we don’t want to be just like the other guys. We focus on stuff that really matters to your end outcomes and ensure you are financially better off at the end of the day.

Look past the marketing hype – what does your plan’s structure, fees and focus tell you about how well looked after you are?

Be engaged with your future self. Know what you are doing and why. Don’t take a decision-short-cut to a big brand because it’s a ‘safe choice’.

When you pay a premium for the services of a big brand what are you actually trying to purchase?

Are you buying better performance? High fees almost certainly mean lower take home returns.

Are you buying Trust? Is that even possible.

Are you buying better expertise? Sales or real value add.

Are you buying peace-of-mind? Is it worth the price since short-term peace-of-mind and long-term wealth creation are usually inversely related (they move in opposite directions).

Are you simply buying convenience? We don’t need to do too much thinking for ourselves, the big billboard and TV adverts promise we’ll be looked after right.

Here is some food for thought:

What if all you are actually buying is the higher fees?

Is it possible the higher fees are actually buying you lower take home returns?

Is it possible the higher fees are buying you the need to take on more risk to get the same after fee returns?

Is it possible you are buying more complexity and less transparency to justify the higher fees?

If you know your current course is not going to create the  future you want for yourself, then take the next most important step.

Transform awareness into action.

Demand better for yourself.

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A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer.

Bartender says “That’ll cost you 80 bucks!”

Guy says “But that is more than twice as much as the pub next door charges!”

Bartender says “That’s not entirely true… if you agree upfront to drink at least 6 beers, upon finishing your 6th beer, we will reward you your 7th one for free. If you then keep on drinking your beers at this establishment, after your 10th beer we will refund you for two more. And that’s not all, after your 20th beer we will refund you up to four more beers.”

Furthermore said the small print:“The actual amount of free beers we will reward you with, will depend on your behaviour…..

– If you leave our pub without drinking the pre-agreed 6 beers we are still going to charge you for the full six beers.

– If you slow down the pace at which you drink your beers, or

– If you do not manage to drink 20 beers, or

– If you decide to change to wine,

we ‘”may” reduce the number of free beers or rewards you receive.”

If you suspect that may not be the best deal for you, I would encourage you to go and scrutinize your retirement planning charging structure.

Look up or request from your provider, your “detailed EAC” or Effective Annual Charge. If there is a large number (Positive or negative) under the category “Other”, then you are quite probably on a similar type of “reward” program to that described above, only its going to leave you with a much bigger hangover come retirement.

If you find the proverbial red flag under the category of “Other” as described above, I would leave you with a few questions to ponder…

What is the purpose of the complex pricing structure?

Is it to make it easier for you to understand?

Is it to make it more transparent as to what you are actually paying?

If you are concerned about the charges you are paying on your plan, send us a message and we will help you decipher the code.

You deserve better.

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Let’s change the ending…

You may not have the power to change where you are but you can change where you are going.