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Help me manage my money.

This is what most people are seeking when they ask a professional for help. The industry however is largely still focused on selling products. And the way they like to do this is through a ‘financial plan’. 

Having a financial plan is not the same as financial planning.

You will come across plenty of companies that will give you a ‘free’ financial plan.

Don’t expect this to be tailored or even necessarily relevant to your needs. It will be the kind of thing a calculator could do.

And calculators don’t need to know much about you to give you an answer.

But financial planning is not about numbers in a spreadsheet or a nice graph showing some hypothetical future cashflows.

It is the process of bringing all your resources (financial, time, emotional) to bear in the pursuit of a life you want to live. It’s about being intentional.

Financial planning is not once-off or static. Because your life isn’t.

You probably don’t want a financial plan.

But you most likely do want to know you are going to be okay and that your family or loved ones will be okay.

It will probably be useful to know what action you need to take now, and in the future, to make this more certain.

That’s financial planning.

If you would like to explore what working together, to co-create a solution that addresses your biggest challenges and concerns, would look (& feel) like, please drop me a line. 



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Your future becomes your present…

A plan is simply a way to bring your future into the present so you can do something about it.