Inner peace

Finding your money management inner peace is tricky at the best of times. Feeling good about your finances in this new pandemic induced bamboozlement is just that much harder.

If you want to get your existing finances in order this workshop is for you.

You will get insight into the main factors that determine the success of your solution. You will learn to take that knowledge and convert it into action. Afterall it is the action part which leads to results.

Getting your basics right is half the battle won!

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Inner peace

Stressed out about money?

A great plan with a poor investment strategy is as unhelpful as a great investment strategy and a poor  plan.

Find your money journey inner peace.

This workshop will help you to understand and  focus on the things that have the biggest impact on your money journey and empower you to better outcomes through knowledge and action.

Sign up by sending an email to: with the Subject line: I want to make it count on 22 July 2020

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These are indeed strange times – I have not really managed to get my head around all the different aspects and consequences of this pandemic. Like many I guess I’m gyrating between the “this too will pass” camp……..and the “if a clown invited me into the woods right now, I would probably just go” camp…..

I thought I would share a little nugget that I have observed in the weeks since the historical event of end March 2020 which began with the now infamous words….. My Fellow South African’s, Good evening…..

In my efforts to help people manage their money in a way that allows them to achieve their goals in life, I try to emphasise the importance of getting the basics right. And right at the top of the list of getting our personal finance basics right you will find the following concepts:

  1. Spend less than you earn – The dreaded B-word.
  2. Plan – think forward, define objectives and have a strategy.
  3. Resources are limited – choices must be prioritised.
  4. Opportunity cost – your decisions have consequences.
  5. Delayed gratification – the benefit of not consuming now.
  6. Be flexible – your plan will deviate and you must adjust.
  7. Behaviour & discipline significantly impact on your outcome.

For many of us the concepts listed above, while crucial, remain rather elusive on a consistent basis.

Then the world as we knew it changed. LOCKDOWN! And with it a ban on alcohol sales.

Behold! Many of us that had previously struggled to master even a quarter of the concepts listed above were immediately galvanised into action. Never before in my professional career have I witnessed such a widespread mobilisation of effort with one single objective in mind – having enough alcohol to survive lockdown!

The looming three week lockdown period witnessed a massive surge in the collective population engaging in the very planning process which seemed to have evaded their ability previously.

Collectively mothers, granny’s, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, friends, colleagues and mere acquaintances went into planning mode as if their very lives depended on it.

Overnight we could calculate how much beer, wine and spirits were required to ‘survive’ this period. Not just a thumb-suck, “I hope this will be enough” number. We are talking average consumption rates per day calculations which could put actuarial drawdown models to shame.

Furthermore, we were able to prioritise which drinks we wanted most of, and then as shelves emptied, we learned to settle for a back up in terms of brands or estates which could see us through to the end if required. Maybe not the first choice but we managed to see the sense in compromising the less than perfect options rather than run out altogether.

Many even went as far as to delve into the murky probability-based world of scenario planning. We had to allow for the chance that lockdown would not only last 3 weeks, or that consumption rates could feasibly increase and so we built in a contingency ….. lets call it an emergency stash….

The behaviour and discipline on display in delaying the gratification to ensure we still had some stock left after many weeks is nothing short of a marvel.

Then as is always the case, reality deviated from the plan. The lockdown was extended to 5 weeks and then into level 4, with alcohol sales still prohibited.

People refused en masse to take this lying down and they learned to adapt…. Innovation and a never say die attitude gave way to a plethora of home brewing recipes which saw pineapple prices quadruple and instant yeast stocks run out.

R45 bottles of wine have been changing hands at R300 and a bottle of Klippies selling for R1000 illustrated simultaneously the impact of inflation and compounding (albeit of desperation-levels), the laws of supply & demand and possibly even insight into the irrationality that causes bubbles…. The potential parallels are endless. 

In conclusion I would like to call Bulldust on people’s inability to plan, to show innovation, to be disciplined, to allocate scarce resources and to adjust to changing circumstances. 

That’s it people! No more excuses! Your retirement planning process from the build up phase “how much is enough?”, all the way into the consumption phase and draw-down in retirement is just the same.

You have just proven you have the skills needed to make a success of it, now find the motivation!

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In the latest instalment of our “Concepts that can change your life…” series we consider a simple recipe for personal financial success which all too often carries a stigma around it…


The first step to creating wealth is actually having some money to invest. Somewhat annoyingly this means that you actually need to spend less than you earn. It may not be easy but it is worth it!!

Since spending is public and saving is private we all tend to see what our friends and family are doing in terms of houses, cars, holidays but we have no idea how their retirement savings pot looks or if their personal balance sheet actually has any assets they own.

Focus on your journey and your story as all else will be meaningless decades from now. 

At White Investments we are all about focusing on the things that matter. We deliver investment solutions that actually help you reach your goals…..your financial future does not improve as a result of fancy offices, large teams, glossy marketing brochures. Your portfolio grows because we care about your outcome, we focus on delivering results through accurate and targeted investment solutions delivered in the most cost efficient manner with the greatest degree of certainty that we can…. If you are not a DIY investor you should seriously have a chat with us just to make sure your existing plan has less of the “frills” and more of the “results” focus….

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“You gotta live in the now!”

That was the mantra we had printed on our t-shirts for a group holiday we enjoyed in first year university.

It was an expression of freedom, a celebration of youth and a shout out against a society that required us to conform in so many ways.

After all life is for living and trying to look too far into the future can simply hold you back, make you scared to experience the journey of life and enjoy things while you can.

I think it helped that at the age of 18 or 19 we all still believed we were invincible, that we would conquer the world, that our lives would be extraordinary.

We also believed that 30 years of age was “old”.

As time has moved on, the boundary of what I consider “old’ tends to be re-defined somewhat and displays a very strong correlation to my own advancing age. Now in my 40’s I am less inclined to even define 70 as “old” and in a spectacular about turn I now consider 30 to be rather young.

I am also convinced that the pace at which life passes is incremental – The “time” it took for me to turn 20 seems infinitely longer than it took for me to get from 20 to age 40. I am petrified that the 40 to 60 (God willing) twenty year period is going to feel even quicker.

To add insult to injury there is an even greater injustice we face as we move through life – The fact is that often in our youth we have time and energy, yet we have little money. As we move through our careers and start families, we have more money, hopefully a fair amount of energy, yet we struggle for time amongst our busy schedules. By the time the fortunate amongst us reach old age or retirement, we hopefully have money and extra time but the energy may be missing.

Regardless of how we as individuals experience life, how we perceive success, or for that matter define a life well lived, there is a fact that none of us can escape – Your future becomes your present. Let me say that again….. YOUR FUTURE BECOMES YOUR PRESENT.

So while we want to live a full life and live in the now we must simultaneously understand that what we do in our present has a direct impact on our future-present.

And with this acceptance we may understand that a financial plan becomes more of a necessity than an irritation.

A plan is simply a way of bringing your future into the present so that you can do something about it. You are the expert on your life – you decide what you want your life to look like.

A financial plan should not only be about improving your wealth, it should be about bringing you greater happiness.

Planning for your future financial well-being may very well suck. Done well it won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it!

WARNING: This was written by a person who makes his living from helping people use their resources as best they can to reach their life goals. While his intentions are good, he charges actual money to do this. Please DO try this on your own at home. Speak to people older than yourself (both successful and not so successful in your eyes). Learn from them, listen to what they wish they could tell their younger selves. Read the blog of a young cancer patient to find out what they consider the important things in life – do you agree with them? What is really important to you in life? Is the current use of your resources aligned with reaching these goals? Write your thoughts, findings and emotions down on paper – revisit it often and live the life you really want to live by prioritising what is important to you. 

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In the next in our series of simple ‘concepts that can change your life’, we consider the true cost of the every day decisions we make in the context of good long-term financial outcomes. 

Do you never seem to have any money to invest?


Are you squandering opportunities to create wealth by the active decisions you make daily?

Over the course of our lives many opportunities are missed as we sacrifice real wealth creation for the perception of wealth.

Understanding that the true costs of the decisions that we make are greater than the sum of the individual cash flows is crucial. 

The power is in your hands – Choose wisely!

Choose wealth creation!


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It is not the drill that we want but the hole.

It is not the investment itself that has value, but rather what that investment allows or achieves which is most valuable.