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A flat fee advice service is a great way to access quality help for a pre-agreed upfront cost. 

The purpose behind my service is that it works to make you better off. And for that you will be charged a fee. Which ideally makes me and my family better off.

It should be a neat and tidy relationship to have, as long as you feel you’re getting good value and I feel like I am being fairly compensated.

But the funny thing about this profession is that there’s a lot of grey areas. Even the best laid plans can take time to work. And the best laid plans might not look like the best laid plans at times.

So we can land up undulating between feeling good about things….and well…..not.

Fee based advice

I  have a fee structure that allows you to choose what you value and how you pay for it:

– Factual information devoid of any advice on your specific situation can be accessed during an hourly consult. DIY heaven right?

– Working to put a solution together that meets your specific needs can be done for a once-off fee agreed upfront.

– And if the input you require is ongoing then an additional monthly fee or retainer will be charged.

See more on service options here.

Transparency is key

I would like to help you understand the cost and value proposition so you can make the decision that suits you best.

I accept that not everyone will see value in my service. It is important for both parties to ascertain this as early as possible.

I therefore encourage you to use the f-word as early and as often as you need in our relationship!

Read more of my thoughts about fees…. 

White Investments fee disclosure 2024. How much advice costs


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The best way to get something done is to begin…

If procrastination is the thief of time, and time is one of the biggest advantages you have when investing, what are you waiting for?